Case Study: Using a Free Format RPG converter as a learning tool

Free Form RPG should be on the strategic road map of each IBM i shop that is concerned about future planning.   And, automated conversion tools also help teach the language. Generating a Free Form equivalent to a fixed form program is the easiest way to learn!  Share the Arkansas Electric experience



DevOps for IBM i

Tim Rowe, Business Architect at IBM, speaks on the importance of DevOps for IBM i

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With ARCAD Pack for Rational, you don’t have people working in two or three different tools to get the job done. It’s difficult to tell where Rational Team Concert stops and ARCAD starts. 
Scott Lancaster, Director, IT application development, Kenco
In a competiveness context with business demands for rapid turnaround on new software releases, the new Eclipse-based version of ARCAD-Verifier helps us to perform the testing and validation of releases to ensure the system meet all the current functional requirements without compromising quality. One of the reasons why we chose Arcad over the competition was because we felt that ARCAD as a company cared and truly wanted to see its customers succeed – This has proven to be correct
Carmine Palmieri, Development Manager, Neller
Antargaz adopted ARAD-Deliver to secure the deployment of enhancements and application bug fixes. The goal was to maximize automation, comply with SOX requirements and guarantee traceability of changes. This goal was achieved, thanks to the ARCAD Software teams who configured ARCAD in our specific context to fully automate the change process. Version delivery is either executed immediately, or scheduled to run in batch at night according to our operating constraints. Now the only manual effort involved is to specify which version numberto deliver and when.
Jean-Marc FLEURET, Production Manager, ANTARGAZ
In line with our SOA approach, we use the ARCAD-Observer solution to ensure the re-engineering and optimization of our legacy RPG applications now over 25 years old. An impact analysis across over 70,000,000 lines of code is always a challenge. Thanks to ARCAD, we can now drill down each element. We can more easily, and accurately, analyze the scope of a change – thus avoiding the risk of destabilizing the system and improving the overall quality of our applications.
Daniël De BECKER, Executive Manager, M-TEAM

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