ARCAD Pack For Rational

Thanks to its flexible architecture, ARCAD Software has been able to develop a combined offer along with the IBM Rational brand. This close cooperation has led to the development of ARCAD Pack for Rational, an industry-leading application lifecycle management suite designed to modernize software development in the IBM i world.

ARCAD Pack for Rational extends Rational Team Concert and Rational Developer for i, providing the deep IBM i functionality essential for managing the many specialized technology variants on the platform.

ARCAD Pack for Rational empowers IT staff with modern collaborative tools for agile and traditional development across all platforms and roles, and is tuned specifically to take advantage of IBM i technology.

The modules comprising ARCAD Pack for Rational are:

  • ARCAD-Audit, used during the repository build phase, allows you remove obsolete components and detect potential anomalies (missing sources, sources changed but never compiled, duplicate elements, etc.)
  • ARCAD-Observer for application intelligence, including cross-platform impact analysis and application retro-documentation, directly accessible from RDi and RTC,
  • ARCAD-Builder, that enhances the RTC build process with specific IBM i features like database upgrades and dependency checking,
  • ARCAD-Deliver, for deployment of both native and non-native components using one single secured process. 4GL and CASE tools are supported.
  • ARCAD-Converter (aka ARCAD-Transformer RPG), for automatic conversion of RPGLE sources to Free Format RPG.
  • Rational Team Concert (RTC), for multi-platform change management
  • Rational Developer for i (RDi), graphical IDE built on Eclipse

ARCAD Pack for Rational supports all IBM i languages and environments from 30-year old legacy applications in COBOL or RPG III through to Free Form ILE and newer object oriented code.

ARCAD understands that a gradual migration to new tools and interface is often more successful than a big bang approach. So, if required, ARCAD Pack for Rational allows developers to continue using a 5250 interface until they are ready to adopt RDi.

Additional modules available with ARCAD Pack for Rational are:

  • ARCAD-Skipper, for Software Configuration Management
  • ARCAD-Deliver WAP, for deployment of high volume data


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Kenco streamlines software delivery with ARCAD Pack for Rational



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The value of RDi

Rational Developer for i (RDi) is a modern and powerful development environment for managing native IBM i languages. Many IBM i shops have now adopted this graphical IDE and we can safely say it is much more than a pretty face. Beside the fact that the classic native tools SEU, SDA, RLU and PDM are not evolving anymore, RDi has numerous technical advantages such as features to:

  • View much more than just 25 lines of source code,
  • Open multiple instances of the same source code at the same time,
  • See compilation results directly within the source editor,
  • Navigate source code easily via the “program layout”

But what is probably most appreciated by IBM i developers is the debugger – to detect and control any running program, either interactively or in batch or invoked by a remote interface. It is ideal if you have developed a graphical front end to your legacy applications.

But adopting RDi is not only about technical advantages. It is highly strategic for the future of your legacy applications. Why? Because every young developer already knows the Eclipse IDE on which RDi is based. Since a development environment has more influence on productivity than the language itself, this means any young developer can be quickly productive in writing RPG or COBOL programs! RDi is therefore perfect tool to break the barriers between generations and technologies.

The value of Rational Team Concert

It is not because you are IBM or HP or Oracle that you can become a de facto standard.

All depends on history and sustained R&D investment. Rational Team Concert (RTC) is the result of more than 30 years of experience IBM has gained in the Software Configuration Management industry. With RTC, you can:

  • Imagine having one single central repository for each and every one of your software assets.
  • Transition your development into Agile methodology as the product contains all the tools you need to organize efficiently.
  • Benefit from Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) at every stage in the change process.


The value of the complementary Arcad solutions

ARCAD Software is really proud to bring to IBM its specific expertise in the IBM i world.

Here again, 20 years of sustained R&D make a major difference and ARCAD now has the most comprehensive set of tools in ALM world for the IBM i market.

ARCAD Software brings advantages to the standard RTC/RDi tools in two major areas:

Enterprise modernization

Most IBM i shops deal with a huge volume of legacy applications that still need to be maintained and modernized. Specific tools are required to:

  • Maintain and transfer the knowledge on existing systems,
  • Adapt the existing code to new requirements.

The ARCAD technology provides this type of feature directly from within RTC and RDi.

Release Management

A typical IBM i customer has to work with both IBM i and Open systems code. If the dependency between the two technologies is high (for example a graphical front end on top of legacy applications), then the need to have a single deployment process is increased. ARCAD offers this feature out of the box.

Also most IBM i shops use one or more vendor software packages. The job of integrating the deliveries of new releases from vendors is increasingly important. ARCAD makes this easy by keeping track of exactly what is received from the vendor, and running an automatic impact analysis over any specific code you have developed around the package. The entire change process is controlled right through to deployment.

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