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[Webinar DROPS] – Continuous Deployment – How to garantee productivity and security?

DevOps and continuous application deployment accelerate the rate of change and give organizations a major competitive advantage.  But how is DevOps implemented in practice? If you need to increase deployment frequency and [...]

DevOps for IBM i: On Git, SVN, RTC or TFS

If you run your business on IBM i, you may well be deciding: migrate or modernize? Experience shows that modernizing an existing (or legacy) application is often lower risk and more cost effective than migrating to a standard package or reengineering the system completely. By modernizing, you leverage your resources, software and hardware assets, and you retain the competitive advantage of your custom software.

Unlock the potential of your IBM i (AS400, iSeries) applications by modernizing for web and mobile devices.

If you are ready to replace your 5250 green screens - join our Webinar introduced by Tim Rowe from IBM, initiator and co-author of the IBM i Modernization Redbook, presenting UI modernization in context. Maurice Marrel, Senior Consultant at ARCAD Software, will demonstrate how to use Profound Logic solutions to easily:

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