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End-to-end solutions for DevOps and Enterprise Modernization

Integrated Application Lifecycle Management

ARCAD Software develops and supplies integrated and modular solutions for automated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), across IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux and z/OS. Taken together, the product range offers a proven, repeatable process to update your applications – from the user request, right through to the delivery to target systems.

ARCAD modules can be purchased in packs, to address specific requirements such as DevOps and IBM i Modernization.

ARCAD modules work at five development stages – analysis, change, build, test and deploy. A shared metadata repository ensures that IT staff remain synchronized with each other throughout the application life cycle. An open architecture enables easy integration with all major 3rd party tools.

We have put over 25 years of experience into our solutions which means that you benefit not only from superior functionality but also from the latest and best practices for development. ARCAD products accelerate application development and delivery, improve quality, flexibility and compliance, and reduce risk and cost.


ARCAD products are usually bought in packs which bundle multiple modules together under a particular solution or requirement. This is the most affordable way to buy. Some ARCAD modules can also be bought individually to solve specific IT problems.

ARCAD products can be purchased in Packs, containing only the products you need