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Audit legacy environments and automate clean up actions

ARCAD Audit enables developers to simplify the audit of legacy environments and automate clean up actions:

  • Rapidly identify missing application objects, missing source code, mismatched objects with source and unused objects,
  • Efficiently and safely archive obsolete or unused objects,
  • Simplify and accelerate compile and delete steps during clean up.

A clean legacy environment is a pre-requisite to any application change

Many legacy applications have been around for years, often decades.  The developers who worked on them may have followed applicable standards back in the day but these standards may not be relevant now.  Many of those developers are long gone, those who are still with us may not remember which changes were made, when, how or why because it happened so long ago. A clean legacy environment is a prerequisite to any application change. This first step assesses the health of applications and allows corrective clean up actions to happen.  Without this step, unacceptable risks may be introduced during development.

ARCAD Audit, has helped us remove about two thirds of the software components in our applications which have become obsolete over twenty years of continuous development. This has greatly simplified maintenance efforts and enabled ongoing application enhancements to take place safely.
Nicolas Voelin, IT manager, Figeas

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Source without object audit Rapidly identify missing application objects and take corrective action.
Object without source audit Rapidly identify missing application source code take corrective action.
Source with date later than object audit Rapidly identify mismatched objects/source and take corrective action.
Unused objects audit Rapidly identify unneeded objects and take corrective action.
Mass/auto transfer to archive Efficiently and safely archive unneeded objects.
Mass/auto compile Simplify and accelerate compiling step during clean up.
Mass/auto delete Simplify and accelerates deletion step during clean up.

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