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Improve quality and save time when recompiling applications

ARCAD Builder accelerates the compile process and helps eliminate errors. It takes into account pre and post compile steps, object attributes, dependencies, access rights, and ownership. ARCAD-Builder also automates the transfer of data from old to new file structures during the compile.

Recompiling applications is often manual, time consuming and error prone

Recompiling applications and correctly taking into account the impact on dependant components is often a manual, time consuming and an error prone process. Traditional big-bang approaches involved recompiling everything and therefore did not need such an intimate understanding of component interdependencies. Today however there is a business demand for more frequent application deliveries in smaller increments.  Understanding the interdependencies of sub sets of impacted components has never been more important.  Correctly applying prerequisite actions and correct parameters is a weakness of the manual process but it’s critical to get this right to maintain quality, availability and compliance.

Since implementing ARCAD Builder, our builds have become much less complicated. The product has greatly reduced our risk factors, given us more confidence and reduced downtime associated with our deployments
Nicolas Voelin, IT manager, Figeas

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Compile automation Save time and eliminate errors while compiling or recompiling objects.
Pre and post compile process automation Save time and eliminate errors during and post compile processing.
Object attributes, dependencies, access rights and ownership management Save time and eliminate errors of often forgotten steps.
Automated data transfer and mapping to new file structures Save time and eliminate errors when rebuilding new physical files.

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