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ARCAD Datachanger

Data Configuration Management

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Extend software configuration management to configuration data

ARCAD Data Changer enables configuration data to be managed in a similar way we manage source code changes.  It becomes easy to:

  • Identify and maintain a list of configuration data, including definitions of files, fields and data areas.
  • Package configuration data into versions.
  • Perform configuration data transfers to development, to test and to production the same way you would with source code.
  • Automatically maintain an audit trail.
  • See which configuration data elements were changed, see before and after images of the change, when changed and who changed.

If a critical problem occurs, ARCAD Data Changer can perform a rapid rollback of configuration data to a known correct version.

Data now assumes a common role in controlling software logic

Data now assumes a common role in controlling software logic, yet often sidesteps the careful controls which are in place for source code changes.  The business need to adapt quickly often conflicts with the careful controls in place to manage source code changes.  Business users sometimes realize they can bypass these controls by changing configuration data. Changing configuration data can cause applications to take a different courses of action based on new settings.  What was once hard-coded and carefully controlled can now be dynamically reconfigured.  It is considered chaotic to change code ‘on the fly’ hence this rarely occurs on purpose. However changing configuration data ‘on the fly’ is often all too easy.

Changing code on-the-fly is considered chaotic, but changing configuration data on-the-fly is all too easy
Philippe Magne, Arcad

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Definitions at field, record and data area level Configuration data can be defined in flexible ways.
Version control Package configuration data into versions for more control.
Transfers to development/test/production Full control of parameter data during all stages of development.
Compare  function Ability to audit what was changed, when and by whom.
Roll-back function Rapid recovery to previous stable state if errors detected in configuration data.

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