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ARCAD Deliver

Release Management for IBM i

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Automated, rapid, reliable and repeatable application deployment

ARCAD Deliver enables rapid, reliable and repeatable application deployment or transfers to production. Automation is the key:

  • Flexible, customizable delivery templates.
  • List managers which can work with custom groups of components.
  • Automated transfer to test, to reference and to production.
  • Transfer history logs which provide a reliable audit trail of all transfers.
  • Rapid rollback which allows a return to a previous stable state in the event of error.
  • A status console which shows the real-time status of all components.
  • Support for 24X7 environments with huge files.
  • Proven in some of the world’s toughest development environments.

Application deployment involves increasingly complex steps

Multiple-systems, multiple development languages and countless dependencies all add complexity to modern application environments.  Regulatory compliance adds the extra imperative to avoid downtime and maintain confidentiality.  Business adds an extra pressure to provide new application functions continuously. This all creates a cocktail of challenges for developers in modern application environments.

Many larger enterprises have multiple development groups working on different functions in parallel and therefore the release management effort must be carefully coordinated. Transfers to production must always be rapid, reliable and repeatable no matter how complex the environment or high the pressure. This is not something which can be done old-school any more with a few lines of control language code and an uneasy developer on standby.

Applications are typically in an ongoing cycle of development, testing, and release, running on multiple platforms with growing complexity
Philippe Magne, Arcad

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Delivery templates Flexible, customizable templates help automate deliveries to production.
List manager Ability to define unique groups of components simplifies and accelerates deliveries.
Transfers to development/test/production Full control of components during all stages of development.
Transfer history log Audit trail of all transfers helps with compliance.
Roll-back function Rapid recovery to previous stable state if errors detected with a delivery.
Status console Ability to view current status of all software components provides greater control.
RDi plug-in Accessible directly from RDi saves time.
Ready for Rational Highly efficient when used together with IBM Rational Team Concert collaboration software.

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