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While Active Promotion

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Eliminate downtime when transferring large database files to production

ARCAD WAP eliminates downtime when promoting large files to production. While-active promotion works by creating a copy of the new file in a work space and then mapping and synchronizing data from the old production file using real-time replication.  At the next scheduled maintenance window the new file (including all data and access paths) replace the old production file.  Since the new file is already in-sync, this step takes seconds hence avoids introducing downtime.

24X7 environments have very limited maintenance windows

If a developer wishes to change the structure of a file then in most cases the data will need to be copied from the old to the new file structure and mapped to the correct fields before it can be put into production. Many applications have files which contain hundreds of millions, even billions of records. This copy/map process could therefore take many hours, sometimes days.  Traditional release management processing works serially resulting in large periods of downtime when promoting large files into production.  Since many environments need to be available 24X7 this length of downtime is often unacceptable hence the changes are postponed for months until a sufficiently large maintenance window can be allocated or they never happen.  This can impact the business.

Changing a file structure can be quick… but then copying in a billion records not so quick
Philippe Magne, Arcad

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Identify WAP mode for specific files Ensure that large/critical files are automatically promoted white-active.
Staging area manager Automatically manages disk space required for while-active promotion.
Start copy mode Copies and maps data to the new file structure and then keeps it in sync. Including access paths. This is done without introducing production downtime.
Switchover to production Places new file with synchronized data into production. Requires a maintenance window of a few seconds. You can schedule when this happens at an off-peak time.
Integrated with ARCAD-Deliver (optional) Enables seamless transfers to production with other components.


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