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ARCAD Observer

Application analysis

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ARCAD Observer Datasheet

ARCAD Observer


Whether you are an experienced IT professional on IBM i or a newcomer to the platform, the task of understanding a legacy application before making further changes can be a time-consuming and daunting task. ARCAD-Observer automates application analysis to improve productivity and accuracy in software maintenance and modernization. Download the datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Observer!

Download the Datasheet

Need to gain a rapid understanding of your IBM i applications?

Analyze and document them automatically with ARCAD-Observer!

ARCAD Observer

  • Combine graphical application analysis, multi-platform impact analysis and auto-generation of technical documentation

  • Accelerate code comprehension with an easy to use application navigator

  • Shorten your learning curve and improve your productivity


Accelerate the understanding of your application

Get ARCAD Observer!

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NPS shares IBM i Applications Mining with the ARCAD-Observer Suite

NPS share their IBM i application knowledge using the ARCAD-Observer solution

Success Story

The ARCAD-Observer solution enables New Process Steel (NPS) to analyze their RPG applications in detail, and share the knowledge on the IT teams’s collaborative site.

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