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ARCAD Pack for DevOps

All The Tools You Need For DevOps

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Tools for the full DevOps life cycle

ARCAD Pack for DevOps contains a full set of tools required by DevOps developers. Many ARCAD tools can be bought individually to solve specific problems but packs yield a better ROI.


ARCAD Audit enables developers to simplify the audit of legacy environments and automate clean-up actions:

  • Rapidly identify missing application objects, source code, miss-matched objects with source and unneeded objects.
  • Efficiently and safely archive unneeded objects
  • Simplify and accelerate compile and delete steps during clean-up.

ARCAD Observer

ARCAD Observer enables developers to see application components and architecture in easy to understand ways. Developers rapidly gain a deep understanding of applications even if there is no documentation:

  • Easy to understand diagrams and flowcharts are automatically generated.
  • Component and dependency drill down capabilities enable developers to uncover additional levels of information.
  • Source code is graphically enhanced to clearly reveal program logic.
  • User defined component subsets simplify the understanding of specific application areas.
  • Clear, current and accurate documentation is automatically generated.

ARCAD Skipper

ARCAD Skipper enables developers to keep full control of source code, even in modern continuous delivery environments:

  • Define the scope and priority of maintenance actions and package them into versions. Control who can change which source member when.
  • Enable developers to share the same components and code safely.
  • Reference changes on external systems.
  • Merge source code safely.
  • Improve control in multi-developer environments.
  • Use a component consistency checker to audit components and code and improve quality.

ARCAD Pack for DevOps is open by design, and other source code management tools can be used in place of ARCAD-Skipper.  For example, IBM Rational Team Concert offers a collaborative alternative for multi-platform environments. Also Git and Subversion (SVN) are open source version control systems for development on multiple platforms including IBM i.

ARCAD Code Checker

ARCAD Code Checker performs automated analysis of source code.  It grades code efficiency, adherence to standards and maintainability.  It can also look for user defined code characteristics and grade compliance to them.  This allows developers to better assess the quality of legacy application code before changing it.  It also helps development managers ensure all developers are making code changes which adhering to standards.

ARCAD Builder

ARCAD Builder accelerates the compile process and helps eliminate errors. It takes into account pre and post compile steps, object attributes, dependencies, access rights, and ownership. ARCAD-Builder also automates the transfer of data from old to new file structures during the compile.

ARCAD Verifier

ARCAD Verifier is a regression testing tool that makes sure that software previously developed and tested still performs correctly after it is changed:

  • Record key strokes and actions in a test scenario.
  • Check and save it as a reference.
  • Make an application change.
  • Now re-run the pre-recorded test scenario and compare the results to the reference.
  • Review the regression test report showing differences.
  • When the change has been approved, make this the new reference.
  • Make tests using a future date without changing the system date.
  • Manage all test scenarios as versions.


DROPS is a multi-platform release management and deployment tool for rapid, reliable and repeatable transfers to production. Automation is the key:

  • Easy to define deployment workflows via a powerful drag/drop visual interface.
  • Flexible deployment sequence can be sequential, parallel or in dependency order.
  • Remote, real time tracking of deployments via a web based console.
  • Automated software installations and roll-backs post software delivery.
  • Control over which developer can do what with which artefact.
  • Full audit history helps maintain compliance.
  • Makes it possible to work across multiple platforms.
  • Artefacts properties define which infrastructure element should be loaded (e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, IBM Websphere, Oracle, Weblogic or other).
  • Supports Windows, Unix, Linux, z/OS, IBM i.

ARCAD Deliver

ARCAD Deliver is an IBM i based deployment automation tool for rapid, reliable and repeatable transfers to production. Automation is the key:

  • Flexible, customizable delivery templates.
  • List managers which can work with custom groups of components.
  • Automated transfer to test, to reference and to production.
  • Transfer history logs which provide a reliable audit trail of all transfers.
  • Rapid rollback which allows a return to a previous stable state in the event of error.
  • A status console which shows the real-time status of all components.
  • Support for 24X7 environments with huge files.
  • IBM i and multi-platform support.
  • Proven in some of the world’s toughest development environments.


ARCAD WAP eliminates downtime when promoting large files to production. While-active promotion works by creating a copy of the new file in a work space and then mapping and synchronizing it with data from the old production file using real-time replication.  At the next scheduled maintenance window the new file (including all data and access paths) replace the old production file.  Since the new file is already in-sync, this step takes seconds hence avoids introducing downtime.

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