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Source Code Management

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Keep full control of source code in modern continuous delivery environments

ARCAD-Skipper is just one of the options provided for source code management in the ARCAD Pack for DevOps. Where Rational Team Concert is valuable in multi-platform environments, ARCAD-Skipper is the solution of choice for managing native IBM i source code.

ARCAD Skipper enables developers to keep full control of source code, even in modern continuous delivery environments:

  • Define the scope and priority of maintenance actions and package them into versions.
  • Control who can change which source member when.
  • Enable developers to share the same components and code safely.
  • Reference changes on external systems.
  • Merge source code safely.
  • Improve control in multi-developer environments.
  • Use a component consistency checker to audit components and code and improve quality.

Continuous delivery has made controlling source code even more important

Gone are the days when developers could effectively control source code manually.  Today, business is increasingly demanding continuous delivery of incremental changes.  This means self-organising groups work on creating many different incremental features concurrently.  Each group may need access to the same components concurrently.  It must be possible to allow this to happen safely. Blocking, even delaying access could mean delaying projects and this could impact the business.

ARCAD Skipper has improved the quality of our application delivery and also reduced the overall time to market for our applications
Vini Kolathur, Sr. Manager, DHL

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Maintenance reports Ability to define the scope & priority of maintenance actions improves control.
Version control Package maintenance reports into versions for more control.
Check-in/out function Control who can change which source and when.
Ability to share the same component between developers safely.
Ability to make reference to changes from an external source improves flexibility in multi-system environments.
Validation function Allows shared source to be merged safely. Improves control in multi-developer environments with overlapping changes to the same source member.
Component consistency checking Ensures consistency of components in change group and improves quality.
RDi Plug-in Accessible directly from RDi saves time.

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