DOT Anonymizer TDS

Test Data Synchronization



Maintain realistic and current test data plus realistic workloads

DOT-Anonymizer TDS enables developers to have easy and safe access to realistic and current test data and workloads.  When combined with DOT-Anonymizer, sensitive fields and data areas in test data can be masked (obfuscated).  High speed data replication enables test data to be kept in sync with production and located locally or remotely.  Production files and data areas can be easily selected for inclusion or exclusion in test data.  Fields can be easily mapped to new record structures. Records can be filtered to make test data more manageable. A high speed refresh enables a quick data reset after each test.  Keeping test databases in sync with production in real-time means testers can be sure they have the most current and realistic data to test with plus highly realistic workload generation plus a reference to compare to.

Without realistic and current test data and workloads, what are we testing?

Without realistic test data and workloads, what exactly are we testing?  Allowing developers to create their own test data means the test data will have predictable characteristics.  What makes applications fail?  The unexpected.  It is therefore important to ensure that test data is abundant and is a close copy of the data which will be encountered when in production.  Sometimes it’s not the data that is already in the database which helps uncover a defect but a new incoming transaction.  Test databases therefore need to include a realistic transaction generating component.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
File select/omit criteria Flexible method for identifying which production files will be synchronized to test databases.
Journal manager Automatic management of journaling or delegation of role to existing journal management routines.
Rapid refresh High speed initial synchronization (re-population) of test databases.  High speed rebuild of test databases after a change.
Continuous mirroring Ability to keep test databases in sync with production even in high transaction volume environments.
Low impact & latency Low system resource utilization even in high transaction volume environments.
Efficient net change replication Ability to locate test databases on remote systems (any distance) and replicate data using low levels of communication bandwidth.
Replication monitor Ability to monitor real-time replication to test databases.


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