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Regression Testing

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Reliable, repeatable, automated regression testing

ARCAD Verifier makes sure that software previously developed and tested still performs correctly after it is changed:

  • Record key strokes and actions in a test scenario.
  • Check and save it as a reference.
  • Make an application change.
  • Now re-run the pre-recorded test scenario and compare the results to the reference.
  • Review the regression test report showing differences.
  • When the change has been approved, make this the new reference.
  • Make tests using a future date without changing the system date.
  • Manage all test scenarios as versions.

When deadlines approach, testing suffers

A major concern for developers is how to guarantee consistent, high levels of application reliability and availability after each software change.  Tests are vital, but can be costly, time consuming, tedious and error prone when performed manually.  Testing often suffers when deadlines approach. The business imperative to deliver new functionality more frequently in smaller increments and with higher quality makes good testing even more imperative.

Humans make mistakes all the time, some of them can be expensive and dangerous
Philippe Magne, Arcad

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Test scenario recorder Enables the recording of a test scenario key strokes and actions.
Scenario validator Enables recorded test scenarios to be checked and saved as reference test scenarios.
Automated regression tests  after software change Runs the relevant test scenarios after a change and compares results to test scenario reference.
Produces clear regression test report showing differences.
Makes new validated test scenarios the new test scenario reference.
Simulate system date change Enables application tests using a future date without changing the system date.
Integrated with ARCAD-Skipper (optional) Test scenarios can be managed as versions.

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