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a Multi-platform data masking tool

Anonymize your data while maintaining data relevance for testers

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Protection of Personal Data

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Get ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): compliance and automation

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Business Issues

Naturally, the best way to set up test sets is to go back to their source and get them directly from production. What IT specialist hasn’t, at some point or another, scoured an information system used for testing to find the employee payroll files? Simple curiosity can become a nightmare for the company when sensitive information is disclosed publicly. Many businesses are already aware of this issue and most of them have implemented physical separation of their production and testing platforms. However, have they all really dealt with this confidentiality problem?

The Gartner and Forester statistics reports show that 70% of security-related incidents and 80% of risks originate with companies’ internal employees and that 65% of risks are never detected.

Fraudulent use of sensitive data has resulted in the introduction of laws and recommendations by most governments around the world (like the GDPR, the US Patriot Act and the HIPAA standard for the healthcare industry).

The need to comply with these laws, the risk of heavy fines and loss of business due to data leaks are all pushing companies to find solutions to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information.

DOT-Anonymizer solutions

DOT-Anonymizer protects your sensitive test data

DOT-Anonymizer offers a single, central engine to protect the data in all of your databases. It can be set up in any type of configuration and its high-performance anonymization capacity can absorb large volumes of sensitive data.

  • Irreversible anonymization algorithms
  • Readable anonymized data
  • Customized management of fields area of use
  • APIs can be easily integrated into the systems that perform data transfers
  • Extendable algorithm library (scrambling, masking, directories/dictionary, programs, scripts)
  • Functions on all database types
  • Irreversible test-data security
  • Ensures compliance in the event of an audit
  • Centralization of all anonymization rules for all databases in a single location
  • Preservation of all your data’s format and type

Integration & collaboration

Open and extensible, works with what you already have


Compatible avec Microsoft SQL Server

Compatible avec ORACLE

Compatible avec MySQL

Compatible avec DB2

Compatible avec PostgreSQL

Application Servers

Compatible avec JBoss

Compatible avec WebSphere

Compatible avec WebLogic Server

Compatible avec Apache Tomcat

Collaborative Platforms

Compatible avec IBM RTC

Compatible avec Visual Studio

Compatible avec JIRA


Compatible avec git

Compatible avec SUBVERSION

Compatible avec CVS

Compatible avec artifactory

Compatible avec Visual Studio

Compatible avec IBM RTC

Compatible avec Arcad

Compatible avec SYSchange


Compatible avec docker

Operating Systems

Compatible avec z/OS

Compatible avec UNIX

Compatible avec Windows

Compatible avec Linux

Functional and technical architecture

DOT Anonymizer architecture

DOT-Anonymizer has a single, central engine to protect the data in all of your databases. It can be set up in any type of configuration:

  • After restoration of a production database to a test database
  • In combination with an ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load)
  • In combination with a data replication tool

The anonymized data can be used as a test resource that replicates actual-use conditions while complying with the legal constraints on data transfers.

  • Data is anonymized via engines that use various algorithms (scrambling, masking, directories, etc.) which are provided standard and are (of course) irreversible. Users also define rules which will allow them to send the data to be anonymized to the engine chosen for this operation.

  • All of the engines/rules can be extensively configured via a studio available as a web application or a rich client application.

The DOT-Anonymizer solution is based on a high-performance, multi-platform service in charge of providing anonymized data to different clients.

  • Our server’s multi-protocol communication capacity (DTAQ, TCP/ IP, HTTP, etc.) and the client (command line-type) application program interfaces (APIs) provided allow our server to be integrated at all levels of the data management chain by taking into account a company’s technical environments and the diversity of the information system.
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Multi-platform solution for protecting sensitive test data while preserving its pertinence for testers.

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Olenka Van Schendel, VP Business Development presents DOT-Anonymizer, a Multi-platform solution to protect your sensitive test data

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