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DROPS, an Application Release Automation solution

Pilot & Secure your transfers to production
across ALL target platforms, legacy or distributed, on premise or cloud

DROPS for distributed systems

DROPS for distributed systems

DROPS for distributed systems

  • Advanced Docker integration

  • Robust API management

  • Environment provisioning (Kubernetes, Terraform)

  • Templatization, Environment On Demand

  • Docker-based microservices in the cloud

  • Database upgrades

  • Parameter data deploy (DROPS Datachanger)

  • JIRA integration for deploy tracking

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DROPS for i

DROPS for i

  • “Smart” dependency deploy & rollback

  • Auto-integrity checks

  • Database upgrades

  • Dynamic changes to config files

  • Parameter data deploy (DROPS Datachanger)

  • High volume data update (DROPS WAP)

  • Works with UrbanCode Deploy (ARCAD Pack for i)

  • JIRA integration for deploy tracking

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DROPS for z

DROPS for z

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Real-time transparency on release status

  • Graphical process design

  • Deployment traceability

  • Rollback on error

  • Database upgrades

  • Works with SYSchange

  • JIRA integration for deploy tracking

Discover DROPS, continuous deployment on-premise and cloud

From order to delivery, DROPS automates provisioning and custom application deployment

Orchestrate, automate from a single point

A flexible tool

A secure and powerful solution

System U Customer Success Story

System U cuts application deployment costs by 40%

Case Study

System U standardized their deployment using DROPS on IBM i and Linux, reducing deployment effort by 1/3.

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Start deploying your applications!

  • New! Pay-per-Use feature*

    Pay as you deploy, predictable costs that scale with your business
    No hidden fees or billing surprises, ever
    *Available on Windows, Linux, UNIX
  • Easy setup
  • Comprehensive & real-life scenario
  • Guided hands-on tour of key functions
  • Obligation-free
  • Support and Consultancy included
  • New! 50 deployments for free
    3750, – per 250 deployments

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DROPS for DevOps

White Paper

Looking to improve your DevOps skills? This White Paper will give you the current key aspects of this concept.

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