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DROPS, an Application Release Automation solution

Deploy your multi-platform applications rapidly and securely


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Tailored features for your deployment needs


Optional extensions bring complementary, advanced services to platforms including IBM i and zOS


A customizable rollback mechanism enables complete restoration of original files after critical errors


Intuitive scheduling capabilities make automatic deployments to multiple environments simple

Integration & collaboration

Open and extensible, works with what you already have


Compatible avec Microsoft SQL Server

Compatible avec ORACLE

Compatible avec MySQL

Compatible avec DB2

Compatible avec PostgreSQL

Application Servers

Compatible avec JBoss

Compatible avec WebSphere

Compatible avec WebLogic Server

Compatible avec Apache Tomcat

Collaborative Platforms

Compatible avec IBM RTC

Compatible avec Visual Studio

Compatible avec JIRA


Compatible avec git

Compatible avec SUBVERSION

Compatible avec CVS

Compatible avec artifactory

Compatible avec Visual Studio

Compatible avec IBM RTC

Compatible avec Arcad

Compatible avec SYSchange


Compatible avec docker

Operating Systems

Compatible avec z/OS

Compatible avec UNIX

Compatible avec Windows

Compatible avec Linux

The challenges of tomorrow

Agile approach

How to successfully manage:

  • The continuous evolution of needs expressed by the customer?
  • Increasingly frequent delivery requests?
  • Increasing quality requirements?
  • Increasingly high security requirements?

DevOps process

How to reconcile:

  • Constraints of development teams?
  • Goals of production teams?
  • Consistent evolution of business needs?
  • Competitiveness, responsiveness and flexibility?

Technological compatibility

How to deal with:

  • Increasingly complex multi-platform architectures?
  • Major transformations of information systems?
  • The interdependence of tools, applications and technologies?
  • The integration of innovations in an historical, central system?

DROPS solutions

Agile approach

  • Gain in reactivity by reducing delays when pushing to production
  • Continuous, automatic and secure deployment of evolutions of your applications
  • Benefit from the agile approach when developping
  • Faster delivery

DevOps process

  • Supporting DevOps
  • Process-oriented, from development to deployment to production
  • Better understanding of the constraints between development and production
  • Facilitates collaboration between your development and production teams; positioning them in a distribution channel

Technological compatibility

  • More flexibility and visibility for managing an artifact repository and the defining different import strategies
  • A safely-reversible deployment of your applications
  • Deployment that is independant of platform constraints
  • Accompanying change

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3 key concepts

The artifact repository

  • DROPS is designed to facilitate deployment of applications that run on various platforms that have dedicated technologies and are made up of elements from any type of source. To do this, it populates a multi-platform artifact repository, structured by applications and components.
  • To summarize, the DROPS repository collects applications containing artifacts and organizes them by component.

How to link Artifacts and Components ?

The artifact repository is loaded by executing an import strategy.

An import strategy communicates with an external system – it’s a small, configurable process required to access an artifact’s external source “supplier”. This source is often a development repository. Several import strategies can coexist to populate a single component.

What about security and traceability ?

Because of the pressure created by regulations, security and complete traceability are now central to any information system.

The DROPS repository stores the log of all modifications and transformations of artifacts carried out during deployment and installation of an application. This way, visibility on how applications change over time is recorded at each release.

The deployment infrastructure repository

  • DROPS is designed to facilitate the deployment of applications on dissimilar platforms that each have unique technology. To do this, it is essential to define deployment destinations independent of deployment processes. In order to do this, DROPS manages infrastructure items, environments and the users involved in the deployment process, independently from one another.
  • DROPS simplifies deployment by seamlessly handling the dissimilarity of destinations which is a major factor in complexity.

The deployment process manager

  • DROPS simplifies the structuring of your applications and the management of their target destinations as well as the definition of the processes required to deploy. You can define overall processes or divide them up by application or by environment.
  • Each deployment process can included in an overall deployment plan. This plan is entirely configurable and adapts to your constraints. It can address multiple environments, as required.

Functional and technical architecture

DROPS, a multi-platform solution for automated software deployment to any environment with a JAVA virtual machine


DROPS Server

  • The DROPS Server is an OSGITM application server which relies on an H2 database.
  • Our server hosts your repositories and deployment processes. It cedes to the security policy of your own internal mechanisms for authentication, control, delegation, role attribution, etc.

DROPS Studio, used for designing the deployment process

  • The DROPS Studio is an Eclipse Rich Client Platform. It makes deployment process definition simply by employing a powerful, user-friendly graphical interface.

  • Processes – which are divided into transfer, preparation and installation phases – may be linked to applications or environments. The players and their prerogatives are defined for each.

DROPS Web Console, used for deployment process execution

  • The DROPS Web Console is a rich internet application. The entire solution is accessible via an HTTP connection.

  • At any time, in real time, operators can plan and monitor the execution of the processes as well as view their progress or their logs.

  • Depending on the context, a release may be deployed in its entirety or by means of cumulative updates.

DROPS Client API, the control interface

  • The DROPS Client API serves as the control interface between the server and the launch of processes from other systems.

DROPS Agents

  • The DROPS Server orchestrates and delegates the execution of the processes to DROPS Agents, which perform the actions requested, while observing the specifics of your architecture described in the repositories.

  • The agents contain an ANT driver which participates in the mechanical aspects of coordinating the DROPS solution. It facilitates integration by encapsulating, as needed, all or part of the existing deployment mechanisms. The solution includes a library of over 300 scripts which can be enhanced by additions, modifications or exchanges between users.

Required configuration
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DROPS wins the Innovation IT Governance Award



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