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Profound UI

Interface Modernization


ARCAD Software and Profound Logic have partnered to provide customers with a complete, end-to-end offering for IBM i modernization with a streamlined, integrated set of tools which boost productivity, encourage agility, minimize risk and reduce costs.

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Secure, centralized, role-based navigation for web applications

Atrium, a module within the Profound UI suite, is an enterprise web framework that securely ties all of your IBM i applications into an intuitive and easy to use browser interface. Atrium’s interface offers a straightforward navigation system that includes the use of drop-down trees, accordion panels, toolbars, and pull-down menus.

The framework allows you to eliminate clumsy green-screen menus that required users to drill down through various levels of options to access applications. It allows users to effortlessly and securely launch programs from an integrated menu system.

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Fast, Clean Code Generation for RPG and PHP Applications

Need to quickly produce a new interface for RPG or PHP applications? JumpStart is the product for you! By giving RPG and PHP developers the ability to automatically generate user interfaces and application logic, JumpStart makes IBM i development and modernization easier than ever before.

JumpStart’s code generator provides templates for both Web and mobile interfaces that eliminate the need to start a project from scratch. Simply choose the application type, such as a sub-file listing, data entry or lookup.

Additional options are then presented, including load-all vs. page-at-a-time, record actions, target language, title, data source, field selection and choice of template.

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On-the-fly modernization for green screen applications

When modernizing IBM i applications, you may opt to reface, or “screen scrape”, your 5250 applications. This approach gives green screens a modern look without investing heavily in development time and tools.

Profound Logic supports this approach with our Genie product.  Genie provides on-the-fly green screen modernization with an intuitive, non-intrusive method for modernizing all of your RPG, PHP, CL, Cobol, menu, and system screens.

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Profound Mobile

The ideal toolset for rapid and robust IBM i mobile development

Our Profound UI Suite makes it easy to bring your IBM i applications into the 21st Century with rich, graphical user interfaces. Now, with Profound Mobile, you can use a version of the Profound UI suite that is streamlined for mobile application development! No experience with mobile development? No problem! If you understand RPG or PHP development, you can design a modern, mobile application in just hours.

Best yet, you will deliver mobile applications that have powerful native capabilities – including integration with the device’s camera or voice recognition features – without learning how to code in languages like Java or Objective-C.


RPG Open Access Handler

Unlock modern web and mobile applications with RPG Open Access

IBM® Rational® Open Access RPG Edition is a feature added by IBM to extend RPG code to modern devices, including web browsers and mobile devices.

Profound Logic was the first ISV to give IBM i shops a way to take advantage of this feature when modernizing their applications. We worked hand-in-hand with IBM in RPG/OA development. With the Profound UI Handler for RPG Open Access, any traditional RPG operations that deal with displays are automatically understood and the output is rendered into a capable rich user interface.

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Visual Designer

Drag-and-drop your way to modern IBM i applications

In the past, if an RPG programmer was to learn about Web or Mobile application development, it may have taken years to become fully proficient. But with Profound Logic’s Visual Designer, all of that changes!

The Visual Designer is a patented graphical development environment that allows anyone to quickly create professional looking browser interfaces in a point-and-click, drag-and-drop manner. There’s no longer any need to learn HTML, CSS or JavaScript in order to produce top-quality Web and mobile applications.

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