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Deploy your multi-platform applications rapidly and securely with DROPS!

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ARCAD-Transformer RPG
(aka ARCAD RPG Converter for IBM i)

Convert from RPGLE to Free Format RPG with ARCAD-Transformer RPG!


ARCAD iNow – Trial Version

Transform your 5250 screens in “real-time” AND automatically into smart UIs with ARCAD iNow!

Arcad 5250 Emulator

ARCAD 5250 Emulator for RDP/RDi/WDSc & ARCAD-plugin for Unit test

Arcad Brochure

ARCAD Brochure

Check out the brand new release of our ARCAD solutions brochure here – ARCAD comes in packs, solutions and modules… Read more to find the perfect fit for your organization!

Enterprise Modernization for IBM i

End-to-end Enterprise Modernization on IBM i

ARCAD Software solutions for Enterprise Modernization on IBM i

Modernize your IBM i projects with Rational Software and ARCAD Pack for Rational

IBM Brochure: Modernize your IBM i projects with Rational Software and ARCAD Pack for Rational

ARCAD Pack for Rational, Team Concert and RDi provide a modern collaborative development environment for IBM i, supporting both agile and traditional methods. The pack uses deep dependency analysis to provide audit, impact analysis, intelligent build and deployment capabilities and also allows RPG code to be converted to the latest free format RPG specifications.

ARCAD iNow datasheet


ARCAD iNow provides you with the most beautiful and richly featured UIs for your business, delivering enhanced “value-add” functionality to transform end- user experience, boost productivity and lock-down the security of your applications.

Skytap Datasheet

Skytap Datasheet

Modernize, Build, Test and Deploy IBM i Applications in the Cloud.

ARCAD CodeChecker Datasheet

ARCAD CodeChecker

ARCAD CodeChecker automates the task of analyzing code quality, identifying complexity hotspots in your code, to improve maintainability and reduce the risk of error.

ARCAD for Enterprise Devops Datasheet

ARCAD for Enterprise DevOps

Download this datasheet to learn how ARCAD for DevOps helps IT managers to control costs and accelerate software delivery in mixed technology environments.

DROPS - Application Release Automation Solution Datasheet


DROPS offers a unique solution for the management and automation of application and systems software deployment across multiple platforms - including IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and System z.

DROPS Datachanger Datasheet

DROPS Datachanger

Download this Datasheet to learn more about DROPS Datachanger

DOT Anonymizer Datasheet

DOT Anonymizer

The anonymization of personal data is an ever-sensitive subject. This document will show you how DOT Anonymizer helps you protect the confidentiality of your test data.

DOT Verfiier Brochure thumbnail

DOT Verifier

Automate your non-regression testing processes! This document shows you how and outlines the benefits of integrating DOT Verifier into your testing strategy.

DROPS for z/OS

Download this Datasheet to learn more about Drops for z/OS

Datasheet DevOps for IBM i

DevOps for IBM i

DevOps for IBM i: Accelerating continuous delivery - for reliable software and competitive advantage

ARCAD-Transformer Field Datasheet

ARCAD Transformer Field

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Transformer Field

ARCAD Transformer RPG Datasheet

ARCAD Transformer RPG
aka ARCAD RPG Converter for IBM i

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Transformer RPG (aka ARCAD RPG Converter for IBM i)

ARCAD Transformer DB Datasheet

ARCAD Transformer DB

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Transformer DB

ARCAD Audit Datasheet


Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Audit

ARCAD Builder Datasheet

ARCAD Builder

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Builder

ARCAD Verifier Datasheet

ARCAD Verifier

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Verifier

ARCAD Observer Datasheet

ARCAD Observer

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Observer

ARCAD Integrater Datasheet

ARCAD Integrater

Download this Datasheet to learn more about ARCAD Integrater

Success Story thumbnail

Kenco uses automation to streamline development

Company: Kenco
Solution(s): ARCAD Pack for Rational

Success Story Arkansas

Arkansas Electric improves productivity over 50% using ARCAD Transformer to convert to Free Form RPG

Company: Arkansas Electric
Solution(s): ARCAD Transformer RPG for conversion to Free Form RPG

FRS Customer Success Story Cover

FRS migrate their change management to ARCAD and avoid costly promotion errors

Company: FRS
Solution(s): ARCAD Pack for i for application lifecycle management

Crosskey switched their change management to ARCAD to modernize IBM i development and delivery

Company: Crosskey
Solution(s): ARCAD Pack for i for application lifecycle management, ARCAD Verifier for test automation

Data Masking and Anonymization

This paper describes the concepts, drivers and solutions that data masking / anonymization can provide, the latest implementation scenarios and algorithms. This paper also describes at a high level the DOT Anonymizer data masking technology from Arcad Software.

Enterprise DevOps White Paper

Enterprise DevOps

This paper attempts to debunk competing DevOps concepts, terminologies and myths in order to help make the path forward clearer and more practical.


Multi-Platform & Open Source Development Tools in a Traditional IBM i Environment

This paper is for anyone considering modern software development methods in an environment which includes IBM Power Systems IBM i.

Modernization as a Service White Paper

IBM i Modernization as a Service (ARCAD MAAS)

This paper examines the problems associated with maintaining often mission critical IBM i (aka iSeries, AS/400) legacy applications on IBM Power systems. Find out the solutions and learn more about the ARCAD modernization as a service (ARCAD MaaS) offering.

Protection of personnal Data - White Paper thumbnail

Protection of Personal Data

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in 2018, to protect the confidentiality of EU citizen data in the digital economy. This document details the fundamentals of the regulation, and recommendations as to how to become compliant before the 2018 deadline.

IBM i – An efficient, resilient platform for modern business workloads

One of the industry’s leading integrated operating environments

ARCAD for Compliance White Paper

ARCAD for Compliance

Compliance is a hot issue for IT staff and for good reason. Data and applications have become a pervasive component of modern business and these have become a subject of new and diverse compliance requirements. Failure to comply could mean fines, penalties, loss of trust, even imprisonment.

White Paper - DROPS for DevOps

DROPS for DevOps

Improve your DevOps skills! This White Paper describes the oppportunity, the challenges and the solutions offered by DROPS as you rollout a DevOps strategy in your multi-platform environments.

DevOps for IBM i White Paper

DevOps for IBM i

Implementing a DevOps strategy on IBM i? Read our White Paper!

IBM i on Power Systems for Midsize Businesses (ITG Management Report)

Minimizing Costs and Risks for Cloud, Analytics and Mobile Environments

IBM i: An executive guide to IBM’s strategy and roadmap

An executive guide to IBM’s strategy and roadmap for its integrated operating environment for Power Systems

White Paper - Enterprise Modernization

Enterprise Modernization

What are the promises and challenges of IBM i modernization? Whatever your starting point, explore the options and a roadmap for progressive modernization in our White Paper.