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Data Masking - Protect your customers - Anonymize sensitive data

Data protection rules effect everyone, IT staff are centre stage

All modern business stores and processes data.  Much of the stored data is about customers and suppliers and this is sensitive. Most compliance requirements relate to the protection of sensitive data and the safeguards around the changes to software which manipulate that data, this puts IT staff centre stage for compliance accountability.

IT staff are in a unique position of trust within most businesses and they cannot totally avoid exposure to sensitive data and the software which manipulates that data.  Pretending that compliance doesn’t apply to IT staff is akin to telling a police officer that you were speeding because you were ignorant of the speed limit.

70% of security incidents come from insiders

The most common risk is during the test phase of development. To correctly test changes to business applications IT staff must use realistic subsets of test data.  This test data is commonly extracted from production, thus exposing the company and IT staff to potential penalties and prosecution.

Protect sensitive data while retaining usability during testing

Use automated non reversible data masking (obfuscation) algorithms to protect sensitive production data at field level during testing.  Modify by constant, partial modification by fixed value, scrambling, program call. Choose different algorithms for different fields. Mask test data automatically at point of extraction. Easy to integrate with third party tools, near zero impact on production, low latency.


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