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Many modernization projects start only after there has been a serious business impact

The problem with legacy applications is that they outlive their original mandates, but continue to remain in production long after. To keep up with evolving business needs, the applications are modified extensively to the point where they are completely different from their original design, making it hard for IT staff to understand them and make further changes. The current reality is that many businesses are still being held prisoner by their legacy applications.

All too often businesses look at the costs and risks involved in modernizing applications and hastily conclude ‘if it isn’t broken, let’s not fix it’. This increases technical debt which sooner or later will need to be repaid. Unfortunately many IBM i modernization projects start only after there has been a serious business impact caused by the failure of a legacy application.

The current reality is that many businesses are still being held prisoner by their legacy applications.
Philippe Magne, Arcad

When well planned and managed modernization projects can be low risk and high return

When well planned and managed, modernizing legacy applications can be a low risk and cost effective way to conserve critical intellectual property and maximize investment.  Of course legacy application modernization doesn’t just happen. The best results occur when the business takes a holistic approach which considers long term business goals. Many modernization projects do not require the whole application to change, just parts.

Arcad and Profound Logic offer complete, integrated IBM i modernization tools for each tier in an application. These tools can work seamlessly with existing toolsets.


Enterprise IBM i modernization projects generally have three phases:

  • Analyse – Reveal data architecture, retrieve business rules, discover dependencies, generate technical documentation and identify complexity hotspots.
  • Structure – Implement change and release management, robust, continuous testing and delivery.
  • Transform – Transform data structures, source code and user interface.

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