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Software Configuration Management - Keep to the baseline - Control your software changes : Agile, Collaboration, Teamwork

How do we know this version of source code is what we think it is?

Developers are optimists. Formally managing source code changes at the beginning of a project sometimes feels like an extra burden.  If we don’t bother we may save a little cost and time at the start of a project but we will soon need to balance that with a penalty cost later on. Figuring out which system components to change when requirements change. Re-doing an implementation because we implemented to meet requirements that had changed and we didn’t communicate that to other team members. Losing productivity when we replace a component with a faulty new version and can’t quickly revert to a working state. Replacing the wrong component because we couldn’t accurately determine which component needed replacing.

Requirements and developers are constantly changing, how do we know that this version of source code is what we think it is?
Philippe Magne, Arcad

Save money, time, avoid errors and downtime when changing source code

Automation is the key:

Manage source code at all stages of development.
Maintenance reports define the scope and priority of maintenance actions.
Versions become a packaged collection of maintenance reports.
A check in/out process controls who can change which source code and when.
Some components can be shared safely and reference changes with an external source.
Validation allows shared source code to be merged safely.
Component consistency checking helps ensure consistency of components in a change group.

Whatever your platform or development language Arcad offers an open and flexible solution for platform-specific or multi-platform teams with the option of separate or unified repositories.

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